Jekyll Plugins – Erweiterungen für den Static Website Generator

Jekyll Plugins – Erweiterungen für den Static Website Generator

Diese Sammlung hilfreicher Jekyll-Plugins erweitert den Static Website Generator um zahlreiche Funktionen.

Nutzen Sie das Ruby-Gem Glynn für den automatischen FTP-Upload. »Glynn offers you a bin to easily send a jekyll powered blog to your host through FTP«

Jekyll Plugins für Inhalte

»This is a jekyll plugin that overrides the built in related_posts function to calculate related posts based on a posts’ tags.«

Jekyll Picture Tag

»Jekyll Picture Tag is a liquid tag that adds responsive images to your Jekyll static site. It follows the proposed picture element pattern, and polyfills current browsers with Picturefill. Jekyll Picture Tag automatically creates resized source images, is fully configurable, and covers all use cases — including art direction and resolution switching — with a little YAML configuration and a simple template tag.«

Jekyll Image Tag

»Jekyll Image Tag is a full featured liquid tag for images in the Jekyll static site generator. Store image presets, add classes, alt text, and any other attribute to an image’s HTML, and automatically create resized images from a tag argument or a little YAML configuration.«

Einfach YouTube & Co. einbinden

OEmbed Liquid Tag for Jekyll

New Plugin Brings Google Analytics Data to Jekyll Sites

»For a content-heavy site like the new, surfacing popular content gets the most interesting information to readers quickly. To make this possible with static sites generated with Jekyll, we’re releasing the new jekyll-ga plugin that gets the latest Google Analytics data when Jekyll builds the site, making it available to use for sorting and in templates.«

Jekyll Plugins für die Optimierung

HTML minifizieren per Spezial-Layout

A Jekyll layout that compresses HTML in pure Liquid


Jekyll + indextank = Static websites with powerful full-text search

Archivseiten erstellen lassen

Plugin, um Archivseiten zu erstellen